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COLOR: Black
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Footwear designed to provide maximum comfort throughout the day; durability, flexibility and versatility of 100% Spanish footwear. Covered by the Pablosky quality guarantee, which includes: Top quality natural leather that ensures proper breathability for the feet; Seamless inTech lining, microfibre 7 times more absorbent than leather, neutral and friction resistant; Superabsorbent and antibacterial cushioning insole; Flexible, non-slip and tear-resistant rubber sole. It incorporates inner heel and toe protectors with ping-pong effect, which restore the initial position of the footwear. The elastic detail helps to improve the foot grip. The only footwear manufactured in Spain and endorsed by expert podiatrists: SEBIOR. Find out more information from our RSS.


Lining :


The only shoes manufactured in Spain and endorsed by expert podiatrists: SEBIOR.



Pablosky shoes are manufactured to the best quality standards by specialists in growing feet.

Because, in a shoe, it is more important what you do not see than what you do see, and this is even more true when it comes to children.

Follow these tips to keep your shoes looking like new for longer:

Use a cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap to clean without excessively wetting the shoes. Once they are dry, apply a mild, colourless lotion to hydrate and even out the pores of the leather. If marks and scratches are showing, you can also use a cream of the same colour.

When drying the shoes, gently rub them with a dry cloth to give them a shine. Avoid placing them near radiators in order to prevent the development of microorganisms.

If the leather is split, you can use baby wet wipes to clean them evenly.

To keep the shoes in their original shape, insert newspaper so that the shoe last is not misshapen.

It is important to avoid exposing the shoes to water. We advise against putting them in the washing machine.

Follow these tips to make your Pablosky shoes last as long as possible.