II Edition of the Yesterday in the Hotel Miguel Angel the second edition of “Premios Corazón solidario”, took place, hosted by Mujer Hoy and RTVE. These awards recognize the work done by various charities. In this edition two new categories have been added; Animal protection and Research and Health, to the already existing Third World, Children and Women categories.

The winners of the “Premio corazón Solidario” were the Vincent Ferrer Foundation, África Directo, SOS Galgos, Mensajeros de la Paz and Menudos Corazones.

At Pablosky, we are always willing to contribute our bit to make this a better world and we never hesitate in participating in these awards. The Spanish firm noted for its concern to improve and protect the health of the feet of children and adolescents, has given the Pablosky Premio Pablosky “Corazón Solidario” Award from the Research and Health category to the charity Menudos Corazones.

Responsible for collecting our award was Patricia Rato, ambassador of the charity, who acknowledged that the award helped families financially and also publicised the work done by the organization that helps children with heart problems.

II Edition of the II Edition of the

In Spain 4,000 children are born each year with heart problems so the work of the charity is invaluable. For Pablosky, family is fundamental, so we don' t hesitate when supporting this project and its importance in improving the lives of families and especially children.

Eva Martin Caro, Pablosky Deputy Director, was responsible for presenting the award and acknowledged the work done by Menudos Corazones, which not only helps children and their families at a medical level, but also offers support, guidance, ... each of those volunteers' heartbeats signifies a change, a change in the life of a child with congenital heart disease.

Pablosky, corazón solidario.