Cranes, lights, miles of cables, drapery, a large team of nearly 70 people and an awful lot of enthusiasm.


Why the factospot-1024x683ry?
Because we wanted to show our consumers that we have been manufacturers since 1969, experts in growing feet, with over 300 employees, using exclusive Pablosky System technology in a very handcrafted fashion and made in Spain. And what better way to achieve it than getting the Pablosky factory to play the lead role?

How did we do it?

We moved all the film crew and decorated the factory to give it a magical and unique appearance where the child and the shoes are the real stars. Just as the lights go out in the spot, the magic is awakened. The posters come alive and children who were on the posters begin to fill the entire factory with the joy and magic of their music.

Once more, the director of the spot, Manuel Portillo takes us back to our childhood to convey the essence of Pablosky with a fascinating story full of colour and excitement. A cast of small and tall performers made the shoes come to life. A spot that will make you smile and dance to the music.

But it was not only the children who flooded the Pablosky factory with passion. On this occasion, all members of the factory collaborated and made their contribution as extras in the spot. The making of it is proof of that. You can see it here:

And what is it like?

Very soon you will see the result of so much effort, with the love and passion that has been invested in creating this spot. From production, filming and the final result, in which a lot of care has been taken right up to the smallest detail to convey the spirit of Pablosky. So, very soon you'll be able to find it at #PlayPlablosky. In short, an experience that makes this spot a unique moment for all those who have made its production possible.

Making of Spot Pablosky Making of Spot Pablosky