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A big step towards sustainability

At Pablosky, we remain unwavering in our dedication to the artisan, handcrafted process, meaning that each shoe can potentially be crafted by 100 different hands. On top of this, we guarantee the best materials: 100% natural leather.
We are proud of our high quality, Made in Spain products.

We are passionate about defending local business with the goal of minimising our carbon footprint and promoting fair working conditions.

Our mission is to constantly improve the shoe industry, by creating collections that are increasingly sustainable over time, using responsible practices and raw materials.


Our leathers have the Leather Working Group certificate, which guarantees the manufacture of the leathers without residues or emissions.

Eco-friendly ornaments

Phthalate free.

Solvent-free glues

And water-based, free of gas and toxic emissions.

Aware of the importance of sustainability, we have updated our exclusive Technology and now it is Pablosky Green System®, the Pablosky Technology with sustainable properties that protect and help the proper development of children's feet.

Because taking care of the planet is our responsibility.


For correct perspiration.


Ping-pong effect heel and toe interiors that restore the initial position of the shoe.

Composed of 100% textile microfiber and free of Chromium 6. It has the Oeko-tex Standard seal that certifies a manufacture free of CO2 emissions.

Shock absorbing footbed

Super absorbent and antibacterial.

Non-slip sole

With SUPERFLEX technology, which favors normal flexion of the foot; and AIRBAG, which cushions the footprint.